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For the past 20 years, I have gained a rich business and technological experiences within the sectors of; Retail Analytics, loT & Big Data, Air Traffic Control systems, and Home Land Security. Truth be told, I have had some incredible luck working alongside and learning from some of the most incredible people and teams of entrepreneurs within these sectors. The phrase "Alone we can do so little; TOGETHER we can do so much." is one I live by, and it is because of these people, who stood by me, that my visions and patents were able to come to fruition, and my ultimate success. I am very grateful for all my experiences, as they all took me to the place I am today.


CEO | 2017

As 40% of the food being grown never gets eaten, wasteless developed the first dynamic pricing engine for fresh produce. With wasteless, supermarkets can price and sell products based on their expiration date. The closer a product is to expiration, the cheaper it could be. See here what happens with good food at the end of a typical day.

WeissBeerger (Aquired by AB Inbev)

CTO | 2017


VP R&D | 2013 - 2016


End to end innovative design and R&D management for an Internet Of Things (IOT) and Big Data solution used by Mega-Scale beverage/beer manufacturers. Working with the largest breweries in the world to set forth the standard for this innovative product combines robust system engineering and complex software architecture for both hardware and software. READ MORE


CEO | 2010-2013

SILVI developed a product for the retail industry. The company built image processing engine and business semantics wisdom for shops. SILVI sold  its platform as SAAS to few major customers, mainly in Israel. READ MORE


System Engineering manager | 2009-2010​

Logic Industries is a mega-scale Homeland Security (HLS) integrator expertise in solutions providing in the field of oil critical assets and, safe-city projects, transportation, borders defence, and natural disaster prediction and alert. 

Xsight Systems

Business Development | 2007-2009

Xsight systems developed an edge technology for Foreign Object Debris (FOD) detection and runway situational awareness on airports runways. Xsight dual head sensor is based on both advance optical technology and 76.5Ghz radar transceivers.  READ MORE


ASMGCS Project Manager | 2004-2007 

DSP Developer | 2001-2004

Transtech control developed aviation systems and deploy it in over 160 large airports around the globe during more than two decades.  Transtech had developed the Intelligent Airport® that combined advance airfield lightning control with aircraft traffic management (ASMGCS). Transtech's technological achievements were awarded many times during the years. READ MORE


DSP Developer | 2000-2001

NSC had developed speech recognition engines for voice messaging systems and web portals. 


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