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Transtech Airport Solution Inc (TASI)

Transtech was the first company to develop MODEMS over current lines. Its systems for airfield lighting control were deployed in 86 major US airfields, 14 large scale airfields in APAC and many more just elsewhere. Starting 2001, Transtech focused on Advance Surface Management for Ground Control Services (ASMGCS), and for the feed of the system, the company chose a distributed radar system at 75.6 Ghz. 


During the time I worked for the company I had luck to work with incredibly talented people and mentors. During my first four years I developed from scratch the radar's RT/E and signal processing, then, when the system was mature, I joined the project team as a project manager of the first ASMGCS system test case in Spokane WA. (2005). Here are some pictures from this fruitful period:    

During 2006-2007 I worked in London as a project manager for the same system, that was an intensive life experience. Here are some pictures:

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