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Technology Leader & Entrepreneur 

I am a tech entrepreneur involved in high-tech global initiations and invest in some other "more traditional" businesses. I currently manage an Impact-Fintech company, that works to reduce food-waste of perishable items in supermarkets and grocery shops while optimizing their old sub-optimal markdowns - namely Wasteless. Before Wasteless, I was CTO at Weissbeerger Globel IoT and Big Data company changed the beer industry. My journey there started on very early days when we were 4 people in a small room to the day the company was sold to ABInBev.  

My expertise mainly focused on start-up early stages, from Pre-Seed to Round B.

Starting from the idea-ing stage to the critical stage of building a winner team,  proof-of-concept (POC), fundraising, live product, and massive up-scale.   

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